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Empowering communities through engagement, support, and innovative development.

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Empowering communities through engagement, support, and innovative development.

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Empowering communities through engagement, support, and innovative development.

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Empowering communities through engagement, support, and innovative development.

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Empowering communities through engagement, support, and innovative development.


In 2003, Windfall Group was founded with the mission to engage with the community, support the community and improve the community.  From its inception, Windfall has remained focused on that mission.

Now a diverse powerhouse with an expansive portfolio of business interests, we maintain a reputable status in the US, Canada and China by executing projects and management effectively focused on reporting, acquisitions and business plans.

Our Commercial RE Development division has a core competency of successfully executing value-add opportunities through acquisition and repositioning, having developed over 6 million square feet of commercial real estate and currently developing and redeveloping over 2 million square feet consisting of key anchor tenants, retail complexes, residential apartments and student housing developments.

Our Mission at:

Windfall Group is to have a positive impact in the communities we serve by engaging with our stakeholders, supporting local initiatives, and striving to continuously improve the lives of those around us. We believe that by working collaboratively with our community partners, we can help foster sustainable growth and prosperity for all. We are committed to operating with integrity, transparency, and social responsibility, and to always seek innovative solutions to the challenges facing our communities. Our ultimate goal is to leave a lasting legacy of positive change, and to empower individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential.


The most promising opportunities for the company are the acquisitions and development of assets in the urban corridors of the United States where growth opportunities exist. Through selective acquisition, development, renovation, leasing and/or management in target markets, Windfall Group has been active in commercial real estate development and adaptive re-use, keenly focused on creating dynamic lifestyle centers, bringing new life, creating new use and revitalizing shopping centers. The 2024 redevelopment outlook includes Pacifica Square Aurora, Pacifica of Chicago, and Pacifica on Golf, Illinois. Pacifica of Burnsville and Burnsville Center, Minnesota. Pacifica Queens, New York. Weehawken 1800, New Jersey, and Savannah Lakes Village, South Carolina

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Windfall continues to develop high-quality properties in strong locations for development.  Beyond strategic selection in targeted sub markets, returns are further maximized through value-add strategies. In 2024, we will continue to provide opportunities in the multi-family market as we develop projects in highly desirable locations including urban, transit oriented, senior focused and lake/golf communities.

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Mixed Use

In 2022, Windfall began the execution of over $23 Million in acquisition for the development of Mixed Use assets. The 2024 development outlook includes a mall in Kenner, Louisiana and a historic Chicago Riverfront building. Windfall brings the expertise to execute value-add business plans and development opportunities.  Windfall’s success is largely due to its strong track record of executing development to maximize returns.

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Student Housing

In 2022, Windfall began co-developing a Student Housing project at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Phase I will be complete in August 2023 with leasing commencing November 2022. This project is being developed by Windfall Group, a commercial real estate development company with extensive development experience and will be managed by HH Fund, a prominent Student Housing Management Company in the United States.

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As distributors for major brands, our focus is on industrial properties in target markets, including international expansion in trade centric locations such as Chicago, New Jersey, Ohio and Canada. We actively manage every aspect of our industrial real estate operations. Our buildings have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.


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